Our week end at the Flagstaff Horse Show, 2010

Veronica Robbins & London Calling

Beth Buchanan and Duval

Grace Tuton & Nikki
"Nikki likes the cool weather in Flagstaff"

Grace & Nikki

Amanda & Diva
"What's with the tail, Diva?"

Faith & Monty
"Those heels are down!"

Kaylee and Jerome

Rachel & Tatti

Gigi & PK

Amy and Liko

Sherry teaching Gigi the course

Gigi Streitwieser and Perikles

"The Rail Birds"
Amanda, Katie, Veronica, & Faith

Kaylee Melton & Faith Valentino

Rachel Fern and Tatiana

Amanda and Diva

Treat time. He was a "good boy".

Kaylee and Modern Art

Faith and Monty

Amy and Liko

Kaylee, Grace, Veronica, & Faith

Veronica and her dad, Dennis and his trusty camera.


Pee Wee got to go to Flag also!

Whitney, Victor and the pony brigade
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