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Horse Show Photos

Grace Tuton winning West Coast Pony Finals
Overall Grand Champion with Shine On, and
Reserve Champion Overall with Woodland's Huck Finn

Woodland's Huck Finn & Grace Tuton
2013 USEF Pony Finals
22 Overall Large Pony Hunters (out of 131)

Caroline Keating & Alme's Honor at Oaks June 2013.

Sandra Bierman & Insignia
2013 HITS Circuit Champion A/A Hunter 35-50

Grace Tuton on Shine On at Thermal 2013

Grace Tuton and Crystalized
Low Children's Jumpers - Kentucky

Grace Tuton & Woodland's Huck Finn
Pony Medal Finals 2013

Carly Barrick & Alme's Honor at the Oaks

Grace and Woodland's Huck Finn
Best Pony Rider Desert Circuit V 2013

Grace Tuton & Woodland's Huck Finn
2013 Reserve Circuit Champion, 2013 Reserve Circuit Champion Large Pony Hunter - Thermal.

Grace Tuton & Woodland's Huck Finn
Champion Large Pony Hunters
Blenheim June Classic II 2013

Pop Quiz & Jeffrey Tolson
Scottsdale Spring Festival 2013

Sandra Bierman and Fenwick

Sandra Bierman and Fenwick,
2011 USHJA Horse of the Year Zone 8 Amateur Owner Hunters 3,3"

Suzanne Ridgway
2012 A.H.J.A. Low Amateur Owner Hunter Champion

Nikki's new little rider, Serena Fechtmeyer
showing in the Lead Line at Az. Season Finale 2012

Maclay Regionals Champion - Colorado 2012
Jeffrey Tolson and Insignia

Rachel Fern and Komplement
Champion A/A Hunter - Saguaro Classic
Best Adult Rider 2013

Rachel Fern and Komplement, Res. Champion A/A Hunter
Tucson Fall Festival 2012

Insignia & Gretchen Lof, Winners of the $5000 Carlton Hunter Derby, Tucson Fall Festival 2012
Thanks, Gretchen for the Catch Ride!

Jeffrey Tolson and Insignia
Champion Maclay Regionals - Colorado 2012

Winston with his Maclay Regionals Medal 2012

Nicodemus and Grace Tuton, Pony Finals- 2012 Kentucky

Katie Buchanan and Vinusz, Res. Champion Low A/O Jumpers, Menlo Park

Wicklyn's Blue Scarab and Grace Tuton, Pony Finals in Lexington, Ky 2012

Grace Tuton and Nicodemus, Pony Finals - Kentucky 2012

Katie Buchanan and Vinusz
Champion Modified Jr/Am Jumpers - Menlo Charity Horse Show

Caroline LaBarre and Chacco
in the .90M at Showpark in July

Grace Tuton & Wicklyn's Blue Scarab, Best Pony Rider - Saguaro Classic Tucson 2012.

Katlee Melton & Kiwi, Champion Open Hunter O/F, Gold Star Winner of Pearl Templin Medal.

Sydney Luzika and All That Glitters, Champion Children's Jumpers High - Saguaro Classic 2012.

Katie Buchanan and Vinusz, Reserve $1500 M&S Child/Adult Jumper Classic - Saguaro Classic 2012.

Jeffrey Tolson and Insignia, Champion Equitation 16-17 - Thermal, USEF Medal - Thermal 2012.

Wicklyn's Blue Scarab and Grace Tuton, Qualified for Pony Finals.

Amy Golding-Johnson and Joe Friday, Champion .95 Jumpers, Scottsdale Spring Classic.

Bulletproof debuting in the Jr. Hunters at Scottsdale Spring Festival.

Caroline Keating and Jeriko winning the Pearl Templin Medal Class at the Gold Star Horse Show.

Pop Quiz, 4 yr old by Popeke K showing at his first Baby Green horse show.

Sandra Bierman and Fenwick, 2011 Champion Zone 8 Amateur Owner Hunter Low, 2011 Champion AHJA Amateur Owner Hunter Low, 2011 Zone 8 A/O Hunter 3'3.

Caroline LaBarre and Chacco in the Low Ch/AA Hunters at Westworld.

Jeffrey Tolson and Insignia, Res. Champion Jr. Hunter - Scottsdale Spring Classic.

Faith and Fenwick after their first show together.

Faith Valentino and Fenwick, Champion Low Ch/AA Hunter - Scottsdale Spring Classic.

The Tolsons, Jeffrey 1 and Jeffrey 2.

The Robbins, Dennis, Veronica & Cheralee.

Suzanne Ridgway and Unique Van Der Shans, Res. Champion AA Hunter - Scottsdale Spring Classic.

Grace Tuton and FYI doing the .85m Jumpers.

Grace Tuton and Promenade, Winners in the Low Ch/AA Hunters, Scottsdale Spring Classic.

Grace and FYI.

Veronica Robbins and Komplement, Scottsdale Spring Classic, winners in the Non Pro Hunters at Scottsdale Spring Classic.

Caroline LaBarre and Chacco, Scottsdale Spring Classic.

Ira is always on hand to help out.

Veronica and Komplement.

Henry watching the derby.
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