This is the all gray lesson!

Susie McGroder and her 2 boys, Bailey & Harley

Grace & Nikki going to a pool party for the Halloween Costume Class
at the Scottsdale Fall Classic.

Nikki with his visor on.

It has been a long, hot summer!

Nikki gets his teeth brushed!

Here is Reyna, who keeps our horses happy, and our flowers beautiful!

Here is Gigi grazing her two horses, Pk and Gunny.
I think she is reading bedtime stories to them!

Congratulations to Karen and Todd Herzog on the arrival of their baby boy, Sander Leo Herzog. He is already at the barn at 12 days old!

Kate Hemmelef and her horse Zito

Connie Gregoire and No Doubt (McLain)

Veronica Robbins and Rockit

We even have people jumps!

Karen Herzog and Bruce

Lexi & Cami "Book Ends"

Janet Solanik and Dante

Todd and Karen Herzog, with Boot & RT

Carol Kessler and her horse Matt, who do Dressage.

Almost matched pairs!

Bob, our ranch foreman.

Mary and Nina riding in the dressage courts enjoying our first day of "fall weather".

Dave Dohms and his horse Brazl.

Grace Loves Nikki

Robyn Remes and Chance

Faith Valentino & Monty

Mary McDermott and her horse, Cashal

Dinner time! Mexicano and Pee Wee always get to help riding on the feed cart.

Michael Freedley and his Warmblood gelding, Ruvel

Phyllis Bunch and her wonder horse, Eagle

So where is the cabana boy with the drinks?

I think I just saw a rabbit!

Tatum Farm is home to Nina Ulrich & Luther,
Jan Miller & Jesse, and Jennifer Moffatt & Bert
out for a Saturday morning stroll.

Grace Tuton and Ashley

Bert wonders if he is really in Arizona?

Jane Jozoff and her horse Luke Dot Com.
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